Ilunaneko Cosplay & #Befoamtastic

My name is Ashley, a 25 year old Theater designer and cosplayer from Amsterdam (2020). I started with this hobby in 2010, when i also found my love for Theater and Costumes. With my Degree in Theater Design i managed to learned a lot of techniques i could also use in my own cosplays, and since then my hobby and work started to become one!

With Cosplay i get the opportunity to travel all over the world and meet many people who love the same things as i do, which is one of the best things about this hobby. Seeing others passionate about what they make and hear them talk about it Always makes me super happy!

De Foamtastische Huiskamer has a great way of spreading this love for crafts with others, which is why i love being a part of the team!
I hope my work can inspire others and i cant wait to see all of your creations!